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 My Reviews 

"Wow!! I came out of her "spa environment" feeling like a new human being!
All of my 5 senses were treated in the half hour i was there!
Sight- Quaint, comfortable, relaxing!
Smell- like I was back in Hawaii!
Hear- mellow sounds 
Taste- sweet 
Touch- Magical 30 min massage!
Thank you Dawn!"

"Having recently moved back to Boulder City after a couple of years in CA, I began my search for a referral to a female massage therapist, which is my personal preference. A couple of friends gave me recommendations which just didn't prove to work out for me. One woman I spoke to was so busy she had no openings for a full week and my back just couldn't wait that long. I asked her if she could recommend anyone else in town and she gave me Dawn's name and contact information. I left a message on her voicemail and she returned my call quickly and we scheduled an appointment for just a couple of days out. I found her space quite peaceful and her table warm and comfy and she was very knowledgeable and present. I was so happy with my massage that I extended the time to 90 minutes  and rescheduled for the following week since my tricky fused spine seriously needed it. I've seen her twice now and have recommended her to three different people and plan to make her my regular therapist. You won't be disappointed, she's a delightful person with amazing hands and technique."

"What a fabulous ever!!!! Just experienced a deep tissue massage by Dawn and she is truly a master at her craft. I would highly recommend!"

"Dawn, I just wanted you to know my back has been mostly free of all pain since you did my massage. That is a miracle! I have had chronic back pain for at least two years. I can't thank you enough❤️"

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